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A Visit to New Orleans

Half of a soft shell crab loaf at Mandina’s on Canal Street

At the Ogden, my friend Paul has done a retrospective of Dusti Bonge’ and her work. Above is a self portrait she painted, and I decided to make a shot of me and her together. “Dusti and Me”

I had never seen a porchetta in real life until last night. I didn’t order it, but I’m told a serving is an inch thick slab with sauce and fancy mushrooms. The chefs at Couchon are artists.

Still standing after a meal at Couchon. All the city is a carnival parade route; they never take down the signs.

Fabulous metal Work by Carmen Almon, a New Orleans artist

During the day Kathy and I stopped at Pesche for some fresh Louisiana Oysters, and marinated crab claws to tide us over.

This is a working drawing for the John McCrady mural at Grace Episcopal Church, where Kathy and I met and were married.

Chihuly glass

This one costs about $120000. We could afford it if we gave up our house. 😉