Monthly Archives: April 2013

Blue Bonnets


The Wells-Tauzin house on the Cane River is awash in Blue Bonnets. The house was built in 1776, when Natchitoches was already a well established fort and village. Over the years the house served as a trading post, a warehouse, and finally in the 1960’s was restored using historically correct materials and techniques. The owner, Carol Wells, keeps the front yard in a natural state with as little manicuring as possible.


Crawfish Boil

When you boil crawfish, sometimes the sides make the boil.  Saturday, it was one of those days.  You often get corn and potatoes, but this time we also got mushrooms, brussels sprouts, garlic, onions, oranges, lemons, creole sausage, boudin and maybe some other goodies.  It was great.