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Extra Friday Flower


This is from February two years ago. I never posted it because it is not such a great shot and it shows Izzy ignoring me. However, the promise it holds spoke to me this morning.


Natchitoches 300th Anniversary / Soldini House


The Soldini House built in 1847, was bought in 1916 by J.H. Williams, and has stayed in that family since. As part of the Natchitoches Tri-Centinenial Celebration, the family opened the house this past Saturday and displayed photos and gowns from the many weddings and receptions that have taken place in the home over the past century.

Brother Michael David


He’s an Episcopalian Monk and retired high school art teacher. Our quaint village contains several wonderful eccentric people; He may be the president of that group. He stopped by our table at Lasyone’s for a chat.
One day, I met Brother Michael David at the check-out at Rite Aid. He turned to me and without other comment exclaimed, “I’m learning to play the harp!”
I paused, and said, That’s wonderful, Brother Michael David. Think of how much farther ahead you’ll be when we all get to heaven!.” He enjoyed that.