1955 Buick


Sony A7r3, Zeiss 24-70 FE @ 24mm, 1/320 @ f4, ISO 100

At the Car Show in Natchitoches; This 1955 Buick in near original condition displayed the original invoice on the window.  Total price was $3903.05.  Before you get too excited, when adjusted to 2018 dolars, that comes to $36721.58! _DSC1810

Friday Flowers

Each year at the Autumn Equinox, Natchitoches gets thousands of visitors, Spider Lilies.   The glorious red-heads seem to pop up all over. My favorite location is the Wells-Tauzin House.  Carol Wells keeps the front yard in a natural state with as little manicuring as possible, as befits a home built in the 1740’s.  Over the years it served as a trading post, a warehouse, and finally in the 1960’s the Wells family restored it using historically correct materials and techniques as their home.  I passed the house on a foggy dawn this week and snapped this image.
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Sony a7R3, Zeiss 24-70 FE@ 24mm, f4, 1/250, ISO 64,000

Sony a7R3, Zeiss 24-70 FE@ 24mm, f4, 1/250, ISO 64,000

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