Wing’s Camera


Wing’s Camera in Atlanta still has a real bargain table. You can find lens caps, filters, shades, and rins there. Need a 4×5 lens board? How about a Marshall’s Oils Pencil set? Lots of lenses and cameras to play with. The Deardorf 11×14 Studio is listed at just $3200.         …………..Sony A7s Zeiss 35mm ZA, 1/60 @ f4 ISO 400


He’s looking at me


I’m not a bird photographer; my gear is not suited for it, but I’ve enjoyed the antics of this Cardinal outside the window. I think he’s looking at me……….. Sony A7s, Zeiss 55mmZA, 1/100 f3.2 ISO 100 — in Atlanta, Georgia.


Five Geese Standing in the Rain

_DSC0980-2I’m thinking of that saying, “. . .ain’t got the sense God gave geese” . . . . .  . ..

So it turns out these are swan and greylag geese, not Canada Geese. I don’t know if they are Canadian Geese though, because they did not have their passports with them.

Sony A7s, Zeiss 55mm ZA, 1/400@ f2, ISO 125