Sasha Petunia the Tortie

The little kitten was abandoned across the street at a house where people were moving out. We heard her crying, so we went over and fed her.
The next day we saw the people, and they said she wasn’t theirs. We took her to the vet and got her checked out and a flea treatment. She’s healthy, very playful and active. We thought our big cats would be stressed; Izzy hisses, Buddy is a bit nervous, but then he’s always nervous about change, and Henri has been playing with her.
She’s one of the most active kittens we’ve ever seen. Then she sleeps. 😉 We called her Petunia at first at the vet, but now she’s “Sasha.” She’s what you call a tortiseshell color. brown, black and white. Supposedly a lucky cat, if they adopt you.
Sasha is our fifth rescue cat, the first that we took in off the street. Our town no longer has a shelter, so the only opportunity for kittens is to be lucky and to be found by people who like cats.