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Blooming on the Bricks, Art on the Bricks

When peaches are out of season, you can’t make fresh peach ice cream even with a vintage John Deere powered churn.

Indigeaux Belly Dancing on the Bricks, a feature of our Spring Market, Art and Blooming on the Bricks.Two of my favorite denizens of this fair village, Junior Johnson former Oil Worker, turn author of local history, and Brother Michael David, a real monk who taught Art at LSMSA.

Some of the thousands of Tulips decorating downtown Natchitoches



Christmas Fest 2018


We watched this year’s Christmas Fest Fireworks from the East side on a lawn just above the launch site. Eli and Everett sat right at the edge of the lawn, that is until the first burst went off. Then both fled the area.


Christmas Festival Fireworks. Natchitoches, 2018    Looks like the star is most excited!


Kathy, Everett, and Eli

Marching in the Christmas Fest Parade, Gregory Dodge, a percussionist with the Demon Band. Here’s a story about him:…/Blind-percussionist-from-Dry-Prong-o…

For my sousaphone album

Then there was the parade engineer . . .

Earlier I posted a picture of a blind percussionist in the parade, now here’s a shot of two drummers who can’t see!

Reindeer braids


I think she saw me take his picture.

Two couples from the Natchitoches Christmas Festival Parade: Dr. Chis and Jennifer Maggio, and some guests from out of town

Stopped and Smelled

I stopped and smelled the roses this morning as I was leaving the house. I pulled up by the bush and shot this by the illumination from my car’s dome light! Sony A7r3, Zeiss Sonnar 55mm, 1/50 @f 1.8, ISO 16,000