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    Adam came up from New Orleans for a few days, and last night we boiled shrimp.  Kathy's Mom and Dad are visiting, and it was also a late celebration of Savanna's birthday. 

Later, I heard chatter and laughter in the kitchen, and took a look.  Kathy had dragged out a big box of Adam's school work from his early years, and they were digging through it.

Face on the copy machine

Grandma came in to see what the laughter was about
Adam             4-1-92
April Fool

I saw an elephant walking down the road. He had a book and was going to school.  He carried a satchel to carry his lunch. April Fool!    I saw your grandmother and you out fishing for suckers in the mill stream pool. They'd caught a dozen mabe more. April Fool!





Don't spoil it Flush the toilet

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle








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