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When we moved to Natchitoches,  the first Spring, Kathy wanted dogwood trees so we  planted two.   One, on the front yard did not survive the first hot summer.  Another  in the shade of a big oak, flourished.   It bloomed the third year.  That's the year we got Coco, the Chocolate Labrador Retriever Puppy.  

Coco was a sweet dog, but as a puppy she chewed everything;  a leather camera bag, our cypress porch swing, and the dogwood.   She chewed it almost to the ground.   It came back, and just as it was blooming again, a huge limb fell from the oak that shaded it and broke it to the ground again.   I really didn't expect it to survive, but now it is seven feet tall, and bloomed last spring.  

The weather is getting wintry, even here; though today I went out in a t-shirt in search of flowers for you.  While I was in the back garden, I noticed the little dogwood is getting ready for winter.










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