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Leica Links


Cool Leica Picture Modeled in Bryce 3D by Yuji. Nishimoto

Erwin's Photosite dedicated to Leica and techniques

FAQ You have Leica questions? Andrew Nemeth has answers

Want to know about your old camera? CameraQuest Classic Camera Profiles  Camera Store Member Recommendations --Who to buy from, who to beware of . . . a little bit dated, but good.

Other Photographers  100-Year-Old Photo Blog     Lewis Wicks Hine

Pictures of Leica Users

Chris shoots New Orleans: Not your regular tourist shots

Images by Tina Manley: Breathtaking Documentary Photography

Doug Herr: Birdman of Sacramento amazing consensual wildlife photography (no zoos)

Bill Tyler's Photo Page Pretty pics and great photo links

Civil War re-enactors tinted images by Ray Carson excellent work.

Adobe PhotoShop Helps and Associated Digital Sites

A few scanning tips - Scanner Help primarily for Microtek scanners, but helpful to all

Computer Darkroom - Excellent tutorials and beautiful pictures

Digital dog: Training and FAQ for Adobe Photoshop, color management, digital imaging

PhotoShop Professional Tips & Tricks

Espresso Graphics PhotoShop helps


Dog Haiku

Cat Haiku

Catholic? Been bad? Come, my child, to Online Absolution Website

Got a book report to do? Book-A-Minute (Humor)

Surfing Tools

How far is it? A world distance finder, currency converter, and all you need to know about Bali and Indonesia



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