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  Billy and my father were friends in elementary school.  Later, they both enlisted in the Army Air Corps during World War II.  When Billy returned from England, he brought back lovely diminutive Nancy as his bride.   After the war, he went back to raising cattle for a living and they reared three boys.  The oldest was at this university when I was a student. He went for a teaching degree, and decided later that he wanted a career in law, and is now a district judge. The other sons also practice law and one has a successful 60's rock band.
            Nancy became the secretary of the Natchitoches Parish (County) School Board.  It would be a mistake to think that Billy and Nancy were stay-at-home types.  If you were in China, Russia, or Finland, or just about anyplace in the world, and you saw a big  American farmer-type with a tiny Brit wife, you could have gone up and introduced yourself, because it probably was Billy and Nancy; they loved to travel. As Billy usta say with a winning grin,  "Aint nothin' like it!"   My friend Billy passed away July 26, 2004. 







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