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It seems  Maggio's has always been here, but it hasn't.  In the 60's it was located across town, much more convenient to the college.  The prices have always been fair, and the selection amazing.  Single malt scotch to mad dog wine. I couldn't begin to count the varieties here.  More than thirty brands of Bourbon alone.

Of course, the business is selling spirits, and they sell beer and wines, and just about anything you can think of, and if there is something unusual you like, they  can get it.  I've even bought Akvavit here. If there is a line at the counter, you can spend the time looking around at the most amazing museum you'll ever see in a liquor store.

 The ambience, of course, is PARTY.  A full size Captain Morgan, with huge Mardi Gras beads, leaning on a still.

Johnny Maggio collects Coca Cola Stuff, and there's about ten Coke machines, and every trinket you can imagine.

Stills, tankards, lamps and clocks

Even an entire post office; not an active station anymore, but it wouldn't be a bad idea.  "Hey honey, I'm going to the post office!" 





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