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     My son Eric has a fever, and that is music.  He began playing electric bass several years ago, and got up a garage band.  When he reached high school, he was fortunate to meet Mrs. Syll-Young Olson, who encouraged him to join the Natchitoches Central High School Orchestra.  So, he took up the double bass. 

     He's a senior now, and has decided to major in music performance.  We wanted him to understand what he is getting into, so he and I struck out for Oklahoma City to the International Society of Bassists Convention.  Every two years, they hold a Young Bassist Program at their convention, where kids can get individualized instruction, attend concerts, lectures and then actually play their own concert.

     Whew, heady stuff.  Wonderful music performances, and instruction by some of the country's best bassists.

     The Clinicians list reads like a who's who of Contrabass: John Adams, Ed Barker,  Jeff Bradetich, John Clayton, Virginia Dixon, Paul Ellison, Gottfried Engels, Jerry Fuller, Diana Gannett, Barry Green,  John Kennedy, Kristin Korb, David Murray, Sonia Ray, Rufus Reid, Steve Reiley, Bill Ritchie, Paul Robinson, John Schimek, Donovan Stokes, George Vance, Dustin Williams, and Inez Wyrick

     Special thanks to Madeleine Crouch of the ISB who opened some doors for me to take these pictures and gave encouragement to Eric and me. 

Rufus Reid, internationally known jazz bassist  


Young Bassists learning the art


Washtub Jerry with Terri and David Neubert





Tom Knific

 John Clayton

Jacek Niedziela


Bill Mays plays piano,  Martin Wind on bass and
Tim Froncek, on drums.

Kristen Korb performs Jazz

Dean Ferrell


Bruce Gertz on bass,  Bill Mays on Piano, Tim Froncek, drums and Dino Govoni on sax



Paul Ellison teaches a masterclass

Todd Johnson with a jazz improv workshop

Diana Gannett passes someone trying out a new bass.


Brazilian contrabass great Sonia Ray instructed Eric and his ensemble group for their performance.


Young Bassist Orchestra Concert

Minivans; the official vehicle of Double Bassists













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